Virgin Money


For over 45 years the Virgin brand has stood for smart disruption, insatiable curiosity, delightful surprises, heartfelt service, being straight up and, most of all, being Red Hot.

Virgin Money

We take our customers and our people on journeys over land and through the skies, connect them across countries and continents and, one day, we’ll fly them to the stars.

No matter the industry, the country or company, the Virgin brand means doing things differently, and Changing Business for Good. So screw it, let’s do it!

Virgin Money

With benefits like no monthly or annual card fees, it’s easy to see why we are disrupting the financial services sector with our pioneering and straight up attitude!

We offer products that are simple to understand while offering exceptional value.

Our mission

Virgin Money offers financial services in plain English.

Our mission is to give you:

  • A great deal
  • Straight forward financial products
  • Brilliant service

Our purpose

Our purpose lies at the centre of our company.

It drives every decision we make. It is embedded in every aspect of our business. It transforms the relationships we have with our people and our customers, and our impact on society and the environment.

Our values

We live by our values.

Our values are what keep our people, our products and our partners on the path to change business for good. They're what makes Virgin so special and provide the magic everyone experiences when they spend time with us.

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