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virgin money spot

Send cash to your friends directly from one bank account to another, using your linked card.

Simple. Safe. Social.

personal loans

Get an affordable and personalised loan
quickly and easily.

Use our simple online application process.

credit score

Get your free credit score from Virgin Money today.

Review your score, check your credit information and take back control.

credit card

Don’t pay annual credit card fees.

Get the credit card that gives you the best benefits. Everyone wins.

why virgin money spot?

  • The social app that lets you set up groups and pay friends easily.

  • Instant wallet to wallet payments; no waiting for funds to clear

  • Pay at selected retailers using the app by simply scanning their “Pay with Spot” QR code

  • 0% transaction fees

  • You don’t have to be an existing Virgin Money customer, Spot works with any internet enabled South African Visa or Mastercard, and/or South African bank account.

  • Safe and secure payments to anyone anytime.

here’s how:

  • Download the app here

  • Register your details.

  • Link your internet enabled bank card or your bank account

  • Now you’re ready to pay your friends.