The app that has all your car insurance needs covered

The new Virgin Money Insurance app is here to make customers’ lives just that little bit easier. The launch of this app is just another way in which Virgin Money South Africa is proving their commitment to being a digital-first company.


The Virgin Money Insurance app offers car insurance customers great benefits such as, 24/7 roadside; crime; home and medical assist – all at the touch of a button. With emergency assist, customers have 24-hour access to highly trained case managers. The customer can auto share their personal, car and location information so that Virgin Money Insurance can provide immediate help. In a home maintenance emergency, the app will help in arranging an appropriate repairer to tackle the problem.


The features ensure that car insurance customers can live their lives and know that, whatever curveball life throws them, the Virgin Money Insurance app has them covered. Another great feature of the app is the ability to lodge a claim. The app offers a step-by-step process so that lodging a claim is painless and all the information is stored in one place.


A constant struggle for any insurance customer is the process of finding their policies in-and-amongst the hundreds of other documents that they have. Virgin Money Insurance has taken the hassle out of this process by making the customer’s policies available within the app, and given them the ability to request changes to their information and policies in app.


Virgin Money Insurance South Africa offers people the capability of quoting and getting a choice of 3 simple price plans online. If a person wishes to take up insurance with Virgin Money Insurance, they can purchase the insurance online – there is no need to deal with a call centre. Their online car insurance buying platform coupled with the new insurance app shows their commitment to providing their customers with the most seamless insurance experience possible. Virgin Money Insurance are constantly providing solutions for customers who want to do everything online. Their technological solutions show how they are thinking like a digital-first company.