Virgin SA unites to help communities affected by heavy rains

Virgin SA companies are providing immediate relief to those affected by heavy rains in KZN and the Eastern Cape and the cyclones in Mozambique. Combined, these disasters have claimed well over 1000 lives, caused serious injuries and illnesses and many people are missing or displaced. We’ve partnered with Gift of the Givers to support these communities. We need your help to make a difference!

cash donations

You can make a cash donation through the Virgin Money Spot app. It couldn’t be easier to use. If you don’t have Virgin Money Spot installed on your phone, you can download it here. Once you have registered on the app and linked your bank account or 3D secure bank card, you’re all set to donate to Gift of the Givers.

1. Click on the red “spot” button inside the app. 

2. Select “pay a contact”.

3. Enter in the cell phone number 0741859378.

4. Enter in how much you want to donate. 

5. Click “pay” to make your donation. 

physical donations

You can drop off any non-perishable food, clothes, blankets, hygiene items and first aid kits at the Virgin Mobile head office in Fourways, Johannesburg. Collection points for these items have also been set up at 115 Virgin Active clubs across South Africa. You can find out which Virgin Active clubs have collection points here.

more about Virgin SA contributions

Gift of the Givers will be distributing the donations made at Virgin Active clubs to those that have been affected by the heavy rains and cyclones in Southern Africa. The cash donations made to Gift of the Givers through Virgin Money Spot will further help to support these communities whose homes and possessions have been destroyed.

If you’d like to read more about the relief efforts, you can find out more here.


 Make a difference. Make a donation.


Why you should think about alternative energy

The state of power seems to be a hot topic of conversation. One minute everything’s running smoothly and the next you’re without power for 4 hours at a time. Getting off the grid completely is costly, and it can take time. There are some initial changes that you can make around your house or business to ensure maximum success when you do take the plunge to look at alternative energy sources.

change your power guzzlers

Think about your lights and your appliances. Do you still buy incandescent light bulbs? If you do, you’re wasting a lot of power and your money. You should rather replace all your light bulbs with LED ones. They last far longer, and they draw less electricity when they’re in use. Next you should look at some of your appliances, like an oven and electric heaters. Both can be converted to gas. In the long run, it’ll be cheaper to use, and you won’t be as reliant on power. Making these changes also means that you won’t need to get as powerful alternative energy sources so you’ll save a pretty penny too.

consider your alternative energy options

Take the time to think about what you need from an alternative energy source. Are you wanting to be completely off the power grid? Do you want specific parts of your home or business to run on alternative energy? Or maybe you’re just looking for a way to keep things running during loadshedding? Whatever you’re after, you need to do a lot of research before you decide what you need as some alternative energy sources have a high upfront cost and others will have a consistent higher cost.

why should I choose alternative renewable energy

Let’s face the facts, power cuts are a reality and they can cause a lot of frustration and affect work that you need to get done. If you’re a business owner, a power outage could ruin your business or at least put you out of action for the duration of the outage. Even just being at home with no power can be enough to drive you mad – especially when you’re half way through your favourite show. Some alternative energy sources are also far better for the environment – think about solar panels. By installing solar panels you’re not only helping out mother nature, but you’re also taking some of your power needs into your own hands and not relying on the grid as much. Although installing solar panels does come at a high cost, once it’s installed properly there will only be the occasional maintenance cost. This makes it a cheaper long-term energy source than some other alternative energy sources.

Great! So how can I pay for it?

Installing solar panels can be an expensive business. For a small home, installing solar panels can cost upwards of R60 000 and this doesn’t include the installation of batteries. The good news is that a personal loan is a great way to get your hands on the cash needed to setup your solar panels. Virgin Money offers personal loans between R80 000 and R250 000. With the uncertainty around loadshedding, isn’t it time to think about using alternative energy sources and ones that are better for the environment too?


How do I query something on my credit report?

How do I check my credit report?

Your credit score is a 3 digit number that summarises the health of your credit history. For a more detailed explanation of your credit history, you will need to go through your credit report.
Your credit report will show you where you have managed your credit well, but it will also show you where you can improve.
It’s very important that you go through your credit report carefully. Your credit report will show if you have any derogatory marks so you’ll be able to work on repaying outstanding credit.
You also need to go through your credit report to make sure that all of your details and any derogatory marks are correct.

How do I dispute incorrect information on my credit report?

If you go through your credit report and find information that seems to be incorrect, you will need to dispute it. There are two things that you can dispute. Firstly, your credit report may have your incorrect personal information. Secondly, there may be a derogatory mark or credit account on your credit report that is incorrect. If you need to dispute something on your credit report, you can send an email to or call 0861 51 41 31 to chat to a friendly consultant.