Spot: Pay with Spot this Black Friday and get deals on deals!

Yay for #BlackFriday : ) Top-up your Spot wallet to get 10% cash back on whatever you buy, INCLUDING SALE STUFF, when you pay for it with the Spot app. Sound the alarm. Swing from the chandelier. Your festive season shopping starts here

Use the in-app store locator to find a cash back partner near you!

Offer valid 27 Nov – 1 Dec 2019. Ts&Cs Apply.


1. Using a code on a stand to pay? Scan it. Enter the amount & your secret PIN.

2. If you’re grabbing something to-go or shopping in-store, scan the code on the till point. Enter your secret PIN & ta-da.

3. Need to scan a wiCode? Hit the ‘or show code’ button, & enter your secret PIN. Next, use the till point’s scanner to scan your code or let the cashier know you’re paying with your wiCode and give them the digits under the wiCode.


Three buttons are all it takes to top-up your Spot wallet. Once you’ve linked your 3D-enabled card, hit ‘Top-Up Wallet’, enter the amount & your secret PIN.


Get R40 back when you buy R120 prepaid electricity. And it gets better. You can buy power twice, which means you’ll save R80. Woot. P.S. Your cash back will magically appear in your wallet the next working day.

Offer valid 27 Nov – 1 Dec 2019. Ts&Cs Apply.


Rent DStv BoxOffice movies & enjoy 50% cash back paid into your wallet the next working day.

Offer valid 27 Nov – 1 Dec 2019. Ts&Cs Apply.

Spot: Part wallet. Part wizard.

If you’ve ever felt so broke you can’t even pay attention. Join the club. But it’s not impossible to make it to payday like :sunglasses:.

The Spot Wallet is your digital do-it-all account designed to help you manage your money. Plus, it’s free to spot mates money, get cash back when you spend, enjoy free cash-outs (for a limited time only) & more.

Time-smart top-up
You can add cash to your wallet in two ways:

  1. Link any South African online shopping enabled debit or credit card & top-up from there.
  2. Top-up with Ozow’s instant EFT – just make sure you know your online banking details.

Safer than Alcatraz
Woo:ghost: Did we suggest you link your bank card to an app? Don’t stress. We work with a trusted payment partner & your payments are 3D secured. As for your Spot Wallet, the only way anyone can get their hands on your cash is if they have your mobile & know your secret PIN.

Faster and safer than EFT
Need to spot someone cash? Sending money is as easy as sending a text (no need to ever give out your banking details). Simply enter their number, the amount, your secret PIN & voila. The money goes straight outta your Spot Wallet into theirs – FREE.

Cash in on free cash-outs
Don’t waste money on ATM fees, just pop into any Shoprite, Checkers or Usave to cash-out your Spot Wallet. It’s 100% FREE for a limited time only, which means if you spot friends money, it’s free for them too.

Bankroll your budget
If your bank account’s for bills, your Spot Wallet’s for your fun money. When it’s kaput, the party’s over, but this way you can spend assured you’ll make it to payday smiling.

Earn when you spend
Shop at any of our cashback partners & get up to 5% cash back. Fact. Every cent saved is a cent you can spend on the things you want, not just the things you need.

Spot: How to keep friends & make rainbows. A story.

Real friendship is forged in the discotheque of life where one friend, who always wears fancy shoes, is forever forgetting their wallet at home, in an Uber, at the folk’s place, in an alien spaceship.


But they’re friends with good humans. Smart humans. Humans with less fancy shoes & fee-free apps like Spot, which lets them send cash to their wallet-less friend like a ninja sending a text. Because that’s all it takes. A mobile number.
The fancy-shoed friend wastes no time using Spot to shop & earn up to 5% cash back. And what about their cash-clever companion?
They don’t twiddle their thumbs waiting for pigs to fly before their friend pays them back. No. Instead, they use the power of Spot to send a cash request.
And at the click of the “accept” button, the borrowed cash magically disappears out of one Spot Wallet, reappearing at the speed of light into another. No awkward moments. No transaction fees. No lost friendships. And that’s how rainbows are made.