Get a R5 reward for you and your friend, paid into your spot wallets, when you get them to buy airtime or data using Virgin Money Spot.

  1. This is a limited offer. Please see the applicable terms and conditions below, which must be read in conjunction with our Virgin Money Spot Terms and Conditions, which can be found at Spot license agreement.
  2. To qualify for this offer, you must Spot your friend R1 and in the payment description, tell them: “buy airtime or data and get R5 #cash”.
  3. You will be refunded the R1 that you send to your friend to get them to buy airtime or data.
  4. After your friend has bought airtime or data, you will both get R5 deposited into your spot wallet. This will reflect in your spot wallet within one business day of the airtime or data being purchased.
  5. This offer is limited to the first airtime or data purchase of the referred person.
  6. The referred person can however refer others and the same terms and conditions apply.
  7. This offer ends after the first 40 000 unique airtime/data purchases, or on 28 February 2019, whichever comes first.
  8. If you make this a public payment on Virgin Money Spot, you stand a chance to win an additional R100.
  9. One lucky winner per day, drawn at random, will get R100 paid into their spot wallet. This offer is valid until the 15th of February.
  10. You must be a Virgin Money Spot customer, with an active wallet to qualify for this offer.
  11. As long as you pay a person R1 on Virgin Money Spot and get them to buy airtime or data, in accordance with these terms, you and the person who bought the airtime/data, will be entitled to your R5 reward.
  12. Only airtime/data purchases made using the Virgin Money Spot app are eligible for this offer.
  13. If more than one person refers the same person, the person whose referral was received first, will receive the R5 reward.
  14. The R5 reward in your Spot Wallet is subject to the Virgin Money Spot terms and conditions – It will be available in your wallet and can be used in the same way as any other value that you have stored in your Spot Wallet.

This limited offer is over and above other promotional offers available to you through Virgin Money Spot. See our website for all Virgin Money promotional offers. *note – this campaign has now ended.