Did you know that you’re being charged whenever you draw cash? Why should you have to pay money just so that you can have access to your hard-earned bucks? We believe that you shouldn’t and that’s why it’s easier and cheaper to live cashless.

So how much am I being charged?

When you go to an ATM to draw cash, you could be paying as much as R16,25 per withdrawal. That means that if you draw cash four times a month, you’re paying R65 just to take out your own money. That R65 is your money and you’re giving it away so that you can take out your money. Now isn’t that ironic? The withdrawal fees also start to add up. After four years of drawing cash, you’ll be paying over R3000 in fees!

What is the alternative?

Go cashless! You shouldn’t have to pay fees just so that you can use your money the way you want to. Think about the ways that you use cash now. Do you use cash to pay a buddy back? Do you buy airtime and data? Purchase something at a store? Or do you use cash to pay someone for the odd job they’ve done for you? Well here’s the great news – you don’t need to have physical cash to do any of those things. You should rather use Virgin Money Spot – our free money transfer app.

What are the benefits of Virgin Money Spot over cash?

Whether you want to pay a friend or contact, buy airtime or data or pay at certain stores, Virgin Money Spot let’s you do it all – for free! Using Virgin Money Spot is also far more convenient than drawing cash. You can pay a friend and buy airtime or data all from the comfort of your home – there’s no need to dash out and find an ATM.

Wait, there’s more! When you pay with Virgin Money Spot at some of our participating stores, you’ll get cash back. Not only are you saving money from going cashless, you’re also earning rewards. So, what are you waiting for? Go cashless and save!