can my funeral plan cover my extended family?

Your funeral plan might cover your spouse and your children. But what about your aunt, or perhaps your domestic worker? Funeral cover for extended family is just as important as making sure your immediate family is covered.

who is considered “extended family?”

An extended family member can range from your parents through to your domestic worker. Extended family members are those in your life who you want to ensure have a proper burial. You are able to add up to 14 extended family members on your Virgin Money Insurance Funeral Plan.

  • Your parents and your parents-in-law.
  • Aunts, uncles, grandchildren are also considered extended family, and can also be covered by your extended family policy.
  • One domestic worker can also be covered under the extended family funeral plan.

extended family funeral planning

Knowing who is covered is one thing, but know what they are covered for is also important. Did you know that the minimum cost of a funeral is roughly R7,500? This can vary drastically depending on the coffin, service, etc. Here are a few other essentials that you need to consider for a funeral:

  • Catering is a big part of the funeral proceeding. Hiring caterers or preparing food to feed the mourners before and after the funeral is essential.
  • You need to transport the deceased to and from the church, so make sure that you take transport costs into consideration.
  • Your extended family funeral plan will help pay for placing the deceased in a funeral home prior to the burial.
  • It will also ensure that you can afford to buy flowers and have programmes printed for the funeral.
  • Most importantly, you will be able to purchase the tombstone for your loved one, so you can visit them long after the service has ended.

Extended family funeral cover is the perfect way to make sure that everyone you love is covered.