Here’s to December. Here’s to getting paid super early and suddenly being flush with cash and not a care in the world. Here’s to sun-soaked days and dancing the night away. And here’s to a spot o’ wisdom to help you ride that magical holiday high all the way to payday… In January! 🙈



Budgeting isn’t boring and can be as simple as moving money around. When payday hits, pop some spare cash into your Spot wallet. Not only does this keep your cash safe from debit orders but you’ll get cash back when you shop at selected stores and restaurants.



Adding cash to your wallet is lightning fast and free.  

  1. Link your 3D Secure bank card & top-up from there
  2. Top-up with Ozow’s instant EFT – just make sure you know your online banking details.



If you’re buying the drinks for New Year’s Eve or a last-minute gift, pay with Spot and earn guaranteed 3% or more cash back instantly. The more cash back you get, the more cash you have to enjoy. Genius.


Use the handy in-app store locator to find a cash back partner near you. 


Spot: Pay with Spot this Black Friday and get deals on deals!

Yay for #BlackFriday : ) Top-up your Spot wallet to get 10% cash back on whatever you buy, INCLUDING SALE STUFF, when you pay for it with the Spot app. Sound the alarm. Swing from the chandelier. Your festive season shopping starts here

Use the in-app store locator to find a cash back partner near you!

Offer valid 27 Nov – 1 Dec 2019. Ts&Cs Apply.


1. Using a code on a stand to pay? Scan it. Enter the amount & your secret PIN.

2. If you’re grabbing something to-go or shopping in-store, scan the code on the till point. Enter your secret PIN & ta-da.

3. Need to scan a wiCode? Hit the ‘or show code’ button, & enter your secret PIN. Next, use the till point’s scanner to scan your code or let the cashier know you’re paying with your wiCode and give them the digits under the wiCode.


Three buttons are all it takes to top-up your Spot wallet. Once you’ve linked your 3D-enabled card, hit ‘Top-Up Wallet’, enter the amount & your secret PIN.


Get R40 back when you buy R120 prepaid electricity. And it gets better. You can buy power twice, which means you’ll save R80. Woot. P.S. Your cash back will magically appear in your wallet the next working day.

Offer valid 27 Nov – 1 Dec 2019. Ts&Cs Apply.


Rent DStv BoxOffice movies & enjoy 50% cash back paid into your wallet the next working day.

Offer valid 27 Nov – 1 Dec 2019. Ts&Cs Apply.

Spot: Part wallet. Part wizard.

If you’ve ever felt so broke you can’t even pay attention. Join the club. But it’s not impossible to make it to payday like :sunglasses:.

The Spot Wallet is your digital do-it-all account designed to help you manage your money. Plus, it’s free to spot mates money, get cash back when you spend, enjoy free cash-outs (for a limited time only) & more.

Time-smart top-up
You can add cash to your wallet in two ways:

  1. Link any South African online shopping enabled debit or credit card & top-up from there.
  2. Top-up with Ozow’s instant EFT – just make sure you know your online banking details.

Safer than Alcatraz
Woo:ghost: Did we suggest you link your bank card to an app? Don’t stress. We work with a trusted payment partner & your payments are 3D secured. As for your Spot Wallet, the only way anyone can get their hands on your cash is if they have your mobile & know your secret PIN.

Faster and safer than EFT
Need to spot someone cash? Sending money is as easy as sending a text (no need to ever give out your banking details). Simply enter their number, the amount, your secret PIN & voila. The money goes straight outta your Spot Wallet into theirs – FREE.

Cash in on free cash-outs
Don’t waste money on ATM fees, just pop into any Shoprite, Checkers or Usave to cash-out your Spot Wallet. It’s 100% FREE for a limited time only, which means if you spot friends money, it’s free for them too.

Bankroll your budget
If your bank account’s for bills, your Spot Wallet’s for your fun money. When it’s kaput, the party’s over, but this way you can spend assured you’ll make it to payday smiling.

Earn when you spend
Shop at any of our cashback partners & get up to 5% cash back. Fact. Every cent saved is a cent you can spend on the things you want, not just the things you need.

Spot: How to keep friends & make rainbows. A story.

Real friendship is forged in the discotheque of life where one friend, who always wears fancy shoes, is forever forgetting their wallet at home, in an Uber, at the folk’s place, in an alien spaceship.


But they’re friends with good humans. Smart humans. Humans with less fancy shoes & fee-free apps like Spot, which lets them send cash to their wallet-less friend like a ninja sending a text. Because that’s all it takes. A mobile number.
The fancy-shoed friend wastes no time using Spot to shop & earn up to 5% cash back. And what about their cash-clever companion?
They don’t twiddle their thumbs waiting for pigs to fly before their friend pays them back. No. Instead, they use the power of Spot to send a cash request.
And at the click of the “accept” button, the borrowed cash magically disappears out of one Spot Wallet, reappearing at the speed of light into another. No awkward moments. No transaction fees. No lost friendships. And that’s how rainbows are made.

Spot: discover how your linked card helps you cash in on perks

Send cash for free. Save on fees. Get cash back when you spend. 

Adulting isn’t always a confetti-coloured daydream. But it can be less 😬 and more 😃. Play it clever. Link your bank card to your Spot Wallet to enjoy a bunch of benefits that’ll help keep more of your hard-earned cash where you can enjoy it, in your wallet, not someone else’s.



Save on transaction fees. Link your card to top-up your Spot Wallet & enjoy stress-free spending with our fee-free app. No account fees. No card fees. No EFT fees. You get it.



Three buttons are all it takes to top-up your Spot Wallet. Once you’ve linked your online-shopping enabled credit or cheque card, hit ‘Top-Up Wallet’, enter the amount & your secret PIN. 



Need to Spot a friend cash? Need someone to Spot you? With the app, it’s fast, free & as easy as sending a text. No waiting ‘up to two working days’ for the cash to clear. Out one Spot Wallet. Into another. Instantly. 



Every time you spend you earn cash back. But that’s not all. Every time you top-up your Spot Wallet from your linked card, you contribute towards your bank’s rewards programme. Wink. Wink 😉.



We work with a trusted payment partner & all your payments are 3D-secured, so spend assured the only way anyone can get their hands on your cash is if they have your mobile & your PIN.

Money Talks: Chats every couple should have

Talking about money with your person is one of those conversations that can go downhill, crash, burn and make things awkward. Quickly. But it doesn’t have to go that way. Not sure where to start? Here are some Qs for thought…


Is your partner a big spender or a penny pincher? Neither is wrong, but if you’re complete opposites and you share costs, well, this could become a problem. Nip it in the bud by having a look at how you both spend by answering these questions. Remember to keep it fun and easy-breezy.

1. When we go out, what do you suggest as 3 activities?
2. What are the top 5 things you spend your money on?
3. If you got a briefcase of cash, how much would need to be in it for you to stop working for money?


Saving is one of those strange topics. There’s stashing cash for a short-term goal or investing for the future you. When chatting to your boo about this, find out how they feel about saving, what they’ve invested in and why. Not only will you get to know your partner better but you may learn a thing or two about investing. Now, when it comes to saving money together, read this.


Being open and honest about money goals is important. You both need to be realistic. Think about it. Your partner might have a low-paying job, but it makes them happier than a kid with an ice-cream. Chat about your 5-year and 10-year plans so that you’re both on the same page with where you want to be one day. And if making mo’ money is important to you both, maybe think about increasing your ka’ching with a side gig.

Make mo’ money: The magic of the side gig

Let’s get real. From international trade wars to the simple fact that stuff is getting silly expensive while our salaries remain the same, it’s easy to feel the financial squeeze. But when times get tough, the tough get a side gig.

Get paid for your passion

This ain’t your typical 9 til 5. Your passion is something you love doing like drawing, baking or breakdancing. And it’s by sharing your side hustle with the world that’ll help you earn extra cash. The internet is bursting with success stories of people (like Sophia Amoruso) who turned their hobbies into a whole lot of zeros. Google it.


Spend your time teaching

If you fancy yourself a good teacher, get paid for it. Check out Tuta-me or Turtlejar tutors. These pretty cool platforms make it easy to find tutoring jobs. Better still, you can teach virtually or one-on-one.


Become a know-it-all

If you’re all kinds of crazy about your country, use it to become a tour guide. You can become an SA Specialist or a South African Travel expert through South African Tourism. And the best part? The courses are free! So, take a dive into our rich culture, heritage, and history and you could earn a pretty penny from it too.

Let’s talk charity: you’ll never become poor by giving. You’ll become richer

We recently celebrated Mandela’s birthday by spending 67 minutes of our time giving back. Can you remember how good you felt? Now imagine how blow-your-mind-amazing you’ll feel if you made helping people, animals, the planet your hobby. Sure, it’s easy to toss 5 bucks to the guy watching your car and think that’s charity, but giving back isn’t about giving away cash and stuff. Why? Because your time and effort are the greatest gifts you can give.

Pay it forward

Maybe you’re great with kids. So why not get involved at Hotel Hope? Maybe organisation is your thing. Then volunteering at The Homestead would be great. Take your skills, your passions – whatever you’ve learnt in life, and use them to help others. Charity is often confused with spending cash. And yeah, you can if you want to, but there are other ways you can give too. All it takes is a few hours a month to make a world of a difference in someone’s life.


Be the change

As a business that deals with dough, we often talk about saving. When you save, you’re growing something, but saving and growing isn’t limited to money (and trees). By getting behind NGOs that help communities, like Gift of the Givers, you’re helping to grow a better future for everyone. It takes time and constant compassion to see the effects of giving back, but as Tata once said, “It is in your hands, to make a better world for all who live in it.”


Invest your time

A couple of weeks ago, our team cleaned up an orphanage. We left dirty and tired, but with larger-than-life smiles. Afterwards, we all felt this overwhelming wave to keep helping and we realised the importance of keeping that spark alive. Nurture it, give of yourself and leave a lasting impact.

Money Goals: Yay for goals you’ll want to keep

It may be halfway through the year, but there’s still time to get your resolutions back on track. Never made any resolutions? No sweat, you can start now. And to help you make goals you’ll stick to, we’ve put together a little list.

Save up for a happy day

You’ve heard it before: set some money aside for a rainy day, but what about saving up for a sunny day instead? It’s much easier to put cash aside when you have something exciting to save up for. It could be a weekend away, those killer heels you’ve been eyeing or December vacay money. Once you’ve nailed being able to save for the fun stuff, stashing cash for the serious stuff is easy. You know, just in case.


Become a smart spender

Telling you not to spend your money is just silly. You’ve gotta eat don’t you? 😉 The trick is to get a little something back when you spend. Use your credit card at rewards partners or swipe your loyalty card. Go crazy. Try to spend at places where you’ll get the best bang for your buck. Use Virgin Money Spot to pay at stores and you’ll get cash back with every purchase.


Get onboard with a side hustle

What’s a side hustle? Glad you asked. You’ve got your normal 9-5 job, but your side hustle is something extra you do to make a bit more money. It seems to be the new buzz-word and millennials have learnt how to make it work for them. It’s easy enough. Find something you love, or you’re good at, and get people to pay you for it.

Love cooking? Sell ready-made dinners.

Secret hoarder? Sell your stuff online.

Love animals? Become a dog walker.


Got it? Good.

Millennials & their money: Hustlers or hopeless?

Yeah, we know what people say about millennials. They’re job-hopping, thrill-seeking, woke individuals that like to use “AF” at the end of every sentence. And when it comes to money, they’re accused of over-spending and under-saving. Well, there’s more to this generation than selfies and Insta-speak and how they handle their money is just the beginning.

they spend on…

Experience and self-improvement. Millennials are given a hard time when it comes to their money-management. Boo. In reality, they’re more careful with their cash than their parents were. So on-the-fly shopping isn’t really a thing any more.


they save on…

Travel and Education. Holidays and studies don’t pay for themselves. There’s planning and sacrificing that makes these dreams a reality. So yes, millennials def save, just not for the same things that their parents did. Buying a house and settling down isn’t at the top of the list but, hey, there’s time for that later.


they earn by…

Working and side-hustling. Gone are the days of having one job for a lifetime. Even working one job at a time is so last century. To go places today, you need to innovate. Just think about the billion-dollar world of influencer marketing. No one knows how to juggle jobs like Millennials – simply scroll through Insta and see the brilliance of the side hustle coming to life. Check out @hermaninthehood.


so, friends, what can we learn from millennials? lots, like:

• Become a smart spender. Fill your life with great memories and good times with great people. Forget filling your life with clutter that ends up in a box in the garage.

• Save for the things that’ll take you places, literally, like education and travel.

• Embrace the side hustle. Take your hobbies and passions and turn them into a job – it’s the Millennial thing to do after all.