comprehensive car insurance

When you buy a car, you want to make sure that your investment is protected. That is where comprehensive vehicle insurance comes in. But, knowing what you are in for when taking an insurance policy is the tricky part. So we’ve decoded the jargon for you:

what do you get?

  • Comprehensive cover means you are covered for just about everything on your vehicle.
  • This includes theft, hijacking, accidental damage and everything in between – the whole enchilada unless an exclusion applies.
  • In the event of a claim, the insurer will either repair the car or pay for the replacement of your vehicle. You will be asked to pay an excess to your insurer.
  • The excess you pay depends on what you have agreed to with your insurance company.
  • In addition to your vehicle being covered, third party insurance is in place in case there are claims made against you.
  • Emergency roadside assistance is a value-added benefit that you can use 24/7 in the event of problems on the road.
  • Car hire is an added bonus when taking out car insurance. Don’t assume it is automatically added to your cover, or you might end up stranded when you need it.

what you should know

  • To encourage drivers to respect the rules of the road and drive responsibly, there are excesses in place in the event of an insurance claim.
  • This means you will be responsible for a small amount of the cost of the damage caused to your vehicle.
  • You base your insurance on who the regular driver of the vehicle is, so if that changes, your insurer needs to know.
  • You need to ensure that your premium is paid on a monthly basis to make sure that you are covered.
  • If you skip two or more payments, your policy will lapse and your cover will stop, leaving you entirely responsible for any claims that might happen.