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what to do after an accident

    • Put on your hazard lights after pulling into the nearest shoulder if you are on a motorway or parking off the road. Check for injuries immediately.
    • Call emergency services on 10111. Give them a complete statement about how the accident happened and your injuries.
    • If you need an ambulance call 10177
    • Record information about the driver and accident here:
      • Full name, SA identification number:
      • Residential address:
      • Contact details (at least 2 different numbers if possible):
      • Other vehicle’s licence plate number, make and model:
      • Other vehicle’s insurance information:
      • Date, time and place of the accident:
      • Write down the names and phone numbers of any witnesses:


    • Take pictures of the damage to both vehicles and of any noticeable injuries to your body from your mobile phone.
    • Get medical treatment for your injuries immediately. Your Virgin Money car insurance will cover all or some of your medical expenses regardless of fault.
    • Do not abandon your vehicle. Call roadside assistance servicesYour Virgin Money car insurance will cover your expense regardless of fault.
    • Do not negotiate, pay, admit or reject any liability without Virgin Money’s written consent. Do not sign a release of information form for the other driver’s insurance company.
    • File an Accident Report (AR) with the South African Police Service within 24 hours of the accident by contacting your nearest police station. The road accident must be reported in person – and by all parties involved in the accident. Remember to note down the SAPS number or the official reference number as proof that the road accident has been reported.
      • Follow this process if you are a victim of a hit and run accident as well
    • Contact Virgin Money Insurance within 72 hours of the accident and provide all the information you have captured about the accident, other driver, SAPS number and your own policy number.
    • Get a written estimate of the damage to your vehicle from a reputable auto body shop that you select.


emergency contact numbers:

Ambulance / emergency services: 10177
South African Police Services: 10111
Cellphone emergency: 112 (MTN, Vodacom, Cell C, 8ta)
Difficulty with emergency services: 1022

Virgin Money Insurance customer service: Call 0861 50 60 70 for notifying your claim, requesting roadside assistance or for scratch and dent / tyre and rim repairs. This hotline is available 24/7.

your details:

  • Virgin Money car insurance policy number:
  • South African ID number:

(Fill in your policy number as soon as you print this – so you have it handy in case of any accident)


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