what isn’t covered by your funeral policy?

The sad truth is that death is unavoidable, but at least we can prepare for it.  Knowing what you are covered for is important for when the unthinkable happens, but do you know what you aren’t covered for?

violence or war

There are certain instances where your family funeral cover will not pay out:

  • If you or a loved one was involved in a criminal act, which caused the death.
  • If there is a war, invasion of foreign enemies, public disorder, civil commotion or even riots, there will not be any funeral cover in the event of a death.


Have you ever seen it happen in the movies where an actor fakes his own death? In reality, people do try and trick the system, to try claim the lump sum payout of a funeral plan.

  • Your funeral cover will not pay out if the beneficiary claims fraudulently.
  • This means that if you claim for a death that has not happened, your policy will be cancelled and you will be reported to the SAPS.
  • Fraud is a serious criminal offence and will not be tolerated by a reputable financial institution, so best leave it to the movies.

skipping premiums

When you miss paying consecutive premiums, your policy will lapse.  This means that if you need to claim from this benefit, you won’t be able to.

  • Even if you have paid your family’s funeral cover for years, that cover will freeze if your premiums go unpaid.
  • Your funeral coverage will start again as soon as your first premium is received.