Group Pay with Virgin Money Spot will make your bill splitting even easier


Virgin Money Spot is all about making payments between friends and family as easy as can be. With Virgin Money Spot, all you need to pay someone is their cell phone number and with zero transaction fees, you can Spot your friends as simply as sending a text message. You can do all this without having to worry about the nitty gritty details of exchanging EFT details or paying unnecessary fees withdrawing cash at an ATM. Spot makes splitting the bill and sharing costs with your closest group of people even easier with the Group Pay.

Our group payment function lets people create a group and manage the payments for any occasion. How many times have you done something with a group of friends and you had to be the person to collect the different amounts of cash from your friends? Or even worse, you had to give them your EFT details and you can’t see which friend has paid you. With Group Pay, those days are over!

The group payment feature allows you to create a group, give it a name, a picture and a description. You’ll be able to tell people exactly why you’ve set up the group. You can add people to your group by searching in your contact list or by simply entering their cell phone number.  Within the group, you’ll be able to enter the full amount that needs to be collected or paid. Want to know the best part? You can either split the total amount equally between everyone in the group or you can individually assign amounts to people to make up the entered total.

Once you decide how much each person needs to pay towards the total, you can submit a group payment request to all the members. Everyone in the group will get a notification that asks them to either accept or decline the amount that you requested. If a group member doesn’t have Spot currently, then they will be prompted to download Spot before accepting or declining the amount requested. The great part is that everyone in the group can see who has and who hasn’t paid so that you don’t have to be the only person to nag the ones that haven’t yet paid.

This feature will take the headache out of collecting money for all those fun social occasions – taking away the awkwardness of having to chase people to square up what they owe. Whether you need to collect money for a weekend away, a gift or just to cover the cost of a meal between friends, Group Pay will make you the group hero.