We’re sure that safety and security is as important to you as it is to us. Yes, we can make sure that the information you give us is held under lock and key, not literally, but you get the point. But it’s up to you to make sure that you also keep all your details hush hush so that no one else can use your account. We’ve put together a few ways that you can make sure your Virgin Money Spot account is secure.

protect your spot pin

You need to treat your Spot pin like the best kept secret in town. How do you do that? Never ever share your pin with anyone – not even us. We all love and trust our family and friends, but when it comes to a pin, sharing is not caring. Your pin is there to protect your transactions so if you share your pin with someone and they manage to make a payment from your app, there isn’t anything that can be done to get that money back. Long story short – protect your pin.  

your pin cannot be too easy

When you create your Spot pin, don’t be that person that thinks “0000” is going to cut it – that’s way too easy. If someone tries to use your Virgin Money Spot app, a simple pin will probably be the first thing they try. To make sure you have a secure account, you should set a pin that no one will be able to guess – just make sure that you remember it though.

keep your details a secret

Your card and your bank account details are really important and you need to make sure that you keep this information to yourself. You shouldn’t share any of these details or your ID number over social media, especially as public comments. You don’t want people to get access to your information and use it, do you? No, so keep all your information secure, by keeping it private.

check your details

Securing your account also means making sure that you have added all the correct information to your Virgin Money Spot app. You should go back into your app and check that the following information is all right:  

1. Your name is as it appears in your ID book.

2. Your ID number is correct.

3. You have double-checked that you have entered in your bank card details correctly.

4. Your linked bank account details are right.


Having all the right information will mean that your account will stay active and you won’t accidentally cash out to the wrong bank account. You can go into Virgin Money Spot and check all your details here.