Let’s get real. From international trade wars to the simple fact that stuff is getting silly expensive while our salaries remain the same, it’s easy to feel the financial squeeze. But when times get tough, the tough get a side gig.

Get paid for your passion

This ain’t your typical 9 til 5. Your passion is something you love doing like drawing, baking or breakdancing. And it’s by sharing your side hustle with the world that’ll help you earn extra cash. The internet is bursting with success stories of people (like Sophia Amoruso) who turned their hobbies into a whole lot of zeros. Google it.


Spend your time teaching

If you fancy yourself a good teacher, get paid for it. Check out Tuta-me or Turtlejar tutors. These pretty cool platforms make it easy to find tutoring jobs. Better still, you can teach virtually or one-on-one.


Become a know-it-all

If you’re all kinds of crazy about your country, use it to become a tour guide. You can become an SA Specialist or a South African Travel expert through South African Tourism. And the best part? The courses are free! So, take a dive into our rich culture, heritage, and history and you could earn a pretty penny from it too.