Yeah, we know what people say about millennials. They’re job-hopping, thrill-seeking, woke individuals that like to use “AF” at the end of every sentence. And when it comes to money, they’re accused of over-spending and under-saving. Well, there’s more to this generation than selfies and Insta-speak and how they handle their money is just the beginning.

they spend on…

Experience and self-improvement. Millennials are given a hard time when it comes to their money-management. Boo. In reality, they’re more careful with their cash than their parents were. So on-the-fly shopping isn’t really a thing any more.


they save on…

Travel and Education. Holidays and studies don’t pay for themselves. There’s planning and sacrificing that makes these dreams a reality. So yes, millennials def save, just not for the same things that their parents did. Buying a house and settling down isn’t at the top of the list but, hey, there’s time for that later.


they earn by…

Working and side-hustling. Gone are the days of having one job for a lifetime. Even working one job at a time is so last century. To go places today, you need to innovate. Just think about the billion-dollar world of influencer marketing. No one knows how to juggle jobs like Millennials – simply scroll through Insta and see the brilliance of the side hustle coming to life. Check out @hermaninthehood.


so, friends, what can we learn from millennials? lots, like:

• Become a smart spender. Fill your life with great memories and good times with great people. Forget filling your life with clutter that ends up in a box in the garage.

• Save for the things that’ll take you places, literally, like education and travel.

• Embrace the side hustle. Take your hobbies and passions and turn them into a job – it’s the Millennial thing to do after all.