It may be halfway through the year, but there’s still time to get your resolutions back on track. Never made any resolutions? No sweat, you can start now. And to help you make goals you’ll stick to, we’ve put together a little list.

Save up for a happy day

You’ve heard it before: set some money aside for a rainy day, but what about saving up for a sunny day instead? It’s much easier to put cash aside when you have something exciting to save up for. It could be a weekend away, those killer heels you’ve been eyeing or December vacay money. Once you’ve nailed being able to save for the fun stuff, stashing cash for the serious stuff is easy. You know, just in case.


Become a smart spender

Telling you not to spend your money is just silly. You’ve gotta eat don’t you? 😉 The trick is to get a little something back when you spend. Use your credit card at rewards partners or swipe your loyalty card. Go crazy. Try to spend at places where you’ll get the best bang for your buck. Use Virgin Money Spot to pay at stores and you’ll get cash back with every purchase.


Get onboard with a side hustle

What’s a side hustle? Glad you asked. You’ve got your normal 9-5 job, but your side hustle is something extra you do to make a bit more money. It seems to be the new buzz-word and millennials have learnt how to make it work for them. It’s easy enough. Find something you love, or you’re good at, and get people to pay you for it.

Love cooking? Sell ready-made dinners.

Secret hoarder? Sell your stuff online.

Love animals? Become a dog walker.


Got it? Good.