Spot: How to keep friends & make rainbows. A story.

Real friendship is forged in the discotheque of life where one friend, who always wears fancy shoes, is forever forgetting their wallet at home, in an Uber, at the folk’s place, in an alien spaceship.


But they’re friends with good humans. Smart humans. Humans with less fancy shoes & fee-free apps like Spot, which lets them send cash to their wallet-less friend like a ninja sending a text. Because that’s all it takes. A mobile number.
The fancy-shoed friend wastes no time using Spot to shop & earn up to 5% cash back. And what about their cash-clever companion?
They don’t twiddle their thumbs waiting for pigs to fly before their friend pays them back. No. Instead, they use the power of Spot to send a cash request.
And at the click of the “accept” button, the borrowed cash magically disappears out of one Spot Wallet, reappearing at the speed of light into another. No awkward moments. No transaction fees. No lost friendships. And that’s how rainbows are made.