tips on keeping your car in good condition

Making sure that your car has comprehensive car insurance is vital to ensure your car is covered in the event of an accident or damage. But, what about the in-between? How can you keep your car in tip top shape throughout the year?

interior care

Here are a few tips for looking after what happens under the hood.

  • Check and change the oil on a regular basis. Nothing can damage your engine faster than low oil-levels or dirty oil in your car.
  • When changing your oil, make sure that your air filter is clean. This is where all the bugs and dirt collect as you drive, so you want to make sure it’s clear to keep your engine running smoothly.
  • Check for leaks under your car. Spotting a leak early on – and having it dealt with – can save you a ton of money on repairs if left to get worse.
  • Petrol prices may be very high, but always try to keep some petrol in your petrol tank.  When running on empty too often, the sediment from petrol gets pulled through the engine which could do serious damage later on.
  • Have your car serviced at regular intervals, according to its service plan.

exterior care

This is what you should be doing to keep your car showroom beautiful:

  • Wash your car regularly. Not only is washing the outside of your vehicle important, but wash underneath your car as well. Road grime, dirt and tar, get stuck under your car, so hose off any build up.
  • Don’t put soap in the windscreen washer reservoir. Although this seems helpful in the short term, soapy water runs onto the paintwork and dries out. Over time, this causes damage to your vehicle’s paintwork.
  • Dead insects and bird dropping can damage your paintwork. Try clean this off as soon as you notice it.
  • Keep a bin bag in your car so that you have a designated place for any litter.
  • Invest in a sun visor. South African sun is harsh, and the UV rays can cause damage to your dashboard if parked outside regularly.