Spot: #UnlockLockdown Survey 1


A Spot-light (see what we did there) on what’s happening in our world

Everything, from the way we talk to the way we pay for stuff has changed in the past few months. We’ve adopted bizarre new behaviours in the blink of an eye, from an irrational run on buying too much toilet paper (according to our Spot survey results, that’s mostly millennials😀), to having the cleanest mobile phones in the history of forever!




We did a “Spot check’ to quiz our #1 online fans about their lockdown behaviour to track the ‘new normal’ living on level 4, as we all work hard to flatten the C-19 curve.


As South Africa entered into a 5-week lockdown, we ventured into unchartered territory – socially, environmentally, and economically. So, we engaged our user base to gain some insight on how our Spot community is feeling. This included checking-in on what everyone’s been up to while living in isolation and whether any of these new behaviours will slot into into post-lockdown life.

Can you Spot feelings from these “Unlock Lockdown” results on survey 1?


😖 53% of Spot users felt like “climbing the walls” just 7-days into lockdown
😐 22% were neutral
👌 Which means 25% were at the “so far so good stage”

Sanity aside, clean hands are another trend on the rise and this goes hand-in-hand with cashless transactions. Payments need to be made as hygienically, quickly, safely and conveniently as possible which explains the move to an increasingly cashless society.

Spot makes paying or collecting cash as simple as sending a text message:


So, to all our Spot users, fist pump!


And it’s not just a South African thing. Right on global trend, Spot users have made a major shift towards contactless payments.


BEFORE lockdown…

73% used payment methods that needed physical contact with a card machine or cash.


And 27% used a combination of contactless payments as their preferred way to pay before lockdown.


AND AFTER (5-weeks later…)

C-19 has had an impact on how you pay for things:


😷 Cash, swipe and pin transactions have fallen by 20% because of the rise in people wanting to make contactless payments to prevent infection.
💳 Spot user tap and go payments went up by 6%
🛍 Online shopping was 10% more popular
  And QR codes were used 5% more


#toilet paper is life millennials

On the lifestyle front our survey found that:

😬 Males panic bought toilet paper more than females
🧻 18 to 29-year-olds went into ‘panic buying’ mode – more than any other group
 🇿🇦 Pretoria, Durban and Jozi were the biggest panic buying zones in SA


Most NB things Spot users wanted to spend their money on as they came out of lockdown


Takeaways and eating out was a top 3 ask:

At least the takeaway box is ticked while living on level 4!

🧼 Groceries, hand sanitiser and cleaning equipment topped the list during lockdown.


How we think C-19 will effect the way we work as lockdown unlocks…

💻 #1 Working from home more and relying on digital
😃 #2 Return to ‘normal’
😰 #3 More pressure


It’s 50/50 on the top 2 ways of how Spot users reckon they’ll socialise once lockdown ends

🎉 #1 Keep a social distance, avoid big crowds and gatherings
  #2 Nothing will change, I’ll go back to normal


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