At Virgin Money South Africa, we’ve been very busy with the continuous development of our mobile payment app, Virgin Money Spot. In December, we launched our merchant payment feature and the ability to buy airtime and data from within the app. Since then, it’s been full steam ahead to ensure that we bring on big, well-known brands that we know our customers love and trust. 

Tell me more about merchant payments

Virgin Money Spot allows you to make payments at participating stores by simply scanning a QR code or entering a code at the till. It’s a quick and easy process for the customer and there’s no need to carry about a clunky wallet. One of the great benefits of using Virgin Money Spot at our participating merchantis that you’ll instantly earn cash back into your Spot wallet and you’re free to use that money however you choose.

Which merchants do you have onboard?

Since launching our merchant payment feature, you can use Virgin Money Spot to pay at over 1500 stores nationwide. The merchants we’ve partnered with are household names, that span multiple industries and have a national footprint. We have merchants in the food, tech, retail and eventing space, with many more to come onboard in April.

Tell me about your airtime and data feature

Within Virgin Money Spot, you can buy airtime and data in under 30 seconds. This makes our process exceptionally quick and it means no fuss for the customer. Without Virgin Money Spot, buying airtime and data can be a bit of a tedious process. You can purchase it through your banking app, but this means entering a lot of information and going through multiple steps to buy what you need. Alternatively, buying airtime and data can mean having to queue at a till for a voucher. Neither of these two options is particularly easy for the customer, whereas our process gives the customer a great experience.


We have great plans for rollout in April so our customers will have even more places to pay with Virgin Money Spot.