Virgin Money Spot: Spot it forward to our Spot family


Spot a family

Saffers are good people. We know it!


Right now, lots of us want to help a family out, but don’t know how – or who to trust. We get it! Trust is earned. With the Spot app, it’s quick and easy to pay it forward.  Here’s the thing – every cent goes to your chosen charity. With NO transaction fees. ZERO  – that’s a little bit of trust right there.

Spot helps make money move

Paying it forward and helping others is a BIG part of making kindness move too.
With eWallets none of that ‘no touch’ stuff matters

And it’s a squeaky clean way of paying it forward without touching actual cash (btw going cashless is the way to go so we don’t have to handle dirty money during lockdown).

Short arms and long pockets are in right now😀

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Spot a family

We’ve friended ‘Operation Hunger’, so that you can spot your own amount, or you can even feed a family for R200. To act on your random gift of kindnesss, just click

Wanna know what’s in the food parcel, or what Covid-19 precautions are being taken when you PayIt4ward?  Wanna know where your donation goes, or how food parcels are delivered during lockdown regs? Wanna know who gets a food parcel and what the score is from A – Z  when you Spot a family? Check out the FAQs We’re also a long-time BFF of ‘Gift of the Givers’. Spot your own amount, choose the C-19 project that touches your ❤️ and make a difference at Gift of the Givers

Also making our ‘A list’ for you to ‘Payit4ward’ knowing your donation will make a difference:

No pressure, no amount is too big or small and no fear of your donation not getting to do good work.

Choice is life 😀


It’s EZ to Spot a friend in need too…

You could also just pick your own peeps and pass on a gift of kindness

Life is choice 😀

We’re not talking big bucks.

It’s times like these when R20 pays for airtime or data to help ur friend or fam stay in touch just that bit longer. Top up data, hit some talk-time, pay for power, tick-off bread and milk  – all on Spot.

Small change? Maybe for some. But for others it’s a gift # Payit4ward

Easy as 1, 2, 3