Virgin Money Spot: #UnlockLockdown Survey 2


Split differences


Then, now, male, female, cash, cashless – we’ve got the lot!


The World Health Organization (WHO) released a statement in early March recommending that people turn to cashless transactions to fight the spread of Covid-19.


We saw a number of governments and retailers across the world taking action. China had thousands of banknotes destroyed or disinfected to stop the spread of the virus. South Korea followed suit, and in the US, the Federal Reserve started storing banknotes that came in from Asia before recirculating them back into the economy.


Forget ur wallet, bae?

Digital wallets are becoming mega popular because payments can be made to merchants, directly for goods and services using a peer-2-peer digital app like Spot. One of the benefits is that your bae will never be able to use that old excuse about leaving their wallet behind EVA 😀. But in actual fact, there are real safety and security plusses to eWallets and online payments that cash and credit just won’t match.


Benefits of a squeaky-clean digital wallet

Under normal circumstances, the benefit of zero transaction fees are important– but now it’s on the tippy top of everyone’s list. We get it.



Yeah, we all wanna live as fee-free as can be, but our survey also showed us that cash in hand is no longer king. Although there’s been a slow-down in people using cash; cards are still the biggest way to pay. We’ve seen some pressure from the ecommerce industry lately to open up online shopping to more than essential items and kickstart the economy  – and we couldn’t agree more!


Splitting differences

On the topic of FREE. When it comes to the thought of unlocking lockdown, 16% of guys are more likely to exercise and get outdoors and 31% of the ladies are more likely to socialise and see friends. Unfortunately, they’ll need to wait for a level or two before that happens! On wanting take-aways the girls (14%) and guys (15%) were pretty much neck and neck. Yet double the number of men wanted to go out for dinner. Does that mean they’ve had enough of home-cooked meals, or is it because the ladies just don’t want to have one more meal staring across the table at their men! With 50% more men wanting to go out for a drink than women, maybe the boys are just feeling hemmed in. It also turns out that given the chance, more men would go out and buy a bunch of non-essential stuff at the shops than women 😀 (But only just, like 1% more men).


Last Word!

On the topic of cash, clean money, bizarre behaviour, and isolation – popular TV shows that Spot users are watching are staring right back at us! Money Heist, Lockdown, Ozark, The Witcher, and Tiger King are the top 5.




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