What’s visual searching?

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OK, Tell Me More?

A 15-year-old in India has uncovered some code hidden in Snapchat’s latest update that will allow for visual searching.

Hmm, Go On?

The young app researcher stumbled upon the hidden code in the most recent version of Snapchat on Android. The new and officially unreleased (and unconfirmed) visual search feature is expected to enable you to use the camera and/or microphone on your phone to identify items around you. The futuristic feature would then check with retailers who might sell the identified item and then ultimately let you know where to buy it. This is a push into affiliate marketing*.

Why’s Social Media Changing?

This development is particularly interesting as it shows how social media companies are moving into a wider range of services and offerings with the hope of reducing their reliance on advertising revenue. With advertisers starting to wise up to fake accounts and moving towards the use of social media “influencers” instead, the likes of Snap, Facebook and Twitter better find new revenue streams.

How Will Social Networks Make Money?

Snap will likely use its new development to earn commission from its partner companies. Similarly, Facebook will likely start selling premium listing slots on its marketplace and has also announced a soon-to-be-launched dating service.

Some of these efforts are probably being used to maintain relevance and keep users within their ecosystems. Having everything in one place and not having to hop between sites would be admittedly convenient – plus, considering all the data these companies have on us, our experiences will soon become hyper-personalised.