Who’s the World’s Richest Human?

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OK, Tell Me More?

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, has been named the wealthiest person of all time.

Hmm, Go On?

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Jeff Bezos is worth ~R1.99 trillion – that’s two more digits than your phone number. His wealth has grown significantly on the back of the rise in Amazon’s share price – more than 55% this year alone. While Bezos is already a trillionaire in Rand terms, analysts have predicted that he will hit the US Dollar trillionaire mark in just over 12 years.

How’d He Do It?

At the age of 30, Bezos left a lucrative career at an investment firm and took the leap of faith to start an online bookstore. Like other similar stories, the venture started out in a garage and when Amazon officially launched in July 1995, the young entrepreneur was delivering packages to the post office himself.

With the understanding as to what is required to succeed in e-commerce, Amazon’s mantra is “get big fast” – and boy, have they done that. Amazon has grown into a behemoth by diversifying its offering to now include fresh foods, healthcare products, video, music, electronics and online web services – with a significant and ever-expanding footprint across the globe. We are still waiting for the company’s entry into Africa on the retail front, but we believe its eventual arrival is inevitable.

Wanna Be SA’s Bezos?

If you have an idea or passion, the most important move you can make is to get started and not be a wantrepreneur. While it may seem that some founders just got lucky (don’t expect to be as “self-made” as Kylie Jenner), the one common thread in the real hustlers is that they all went out and did it. Every one of us – yes, you included, friend – has something special (maybe even marketable!) in ourselves and it’s up to us to leave a mark. We don’t need to be the next trillionaire to do that.